Blackface scandal spotlights deeply embedded racism in U.S.

By Errin Haines Whack

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Errin Haines Whack (a black reporter) perpetuates race baiting to keep a job. She comes from the same ilk as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; move on people, racism still exists, but Americans have evolved whereby its no longer acceptable in society. A blacken faced college student (probably from a Halloween party 35 years ago) should not automatically label someone a racist -- usually people's values and respect for others evolve as they age. Notwithstanding the person in question attitude on late term abortion, I would like to assume he had an epiphany as he matured that a white person blackening one's face is condescending and offensive to people of color.

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Northam heavily used accusations of racism against his Republican opponent in the campaign. Was it projection on Northam’s part?

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It will be interesting to watch as the tide of Democrat outrage at the governor’s 35-year indiscretion sweeps in. Tsunami or gentle foot wetter?

Yes. I call it indiscretion. No part of the man now. But the passage of time and change of heart seem to count for nothing to political axe-grinders like Errin Whack. To me, this article is more about her bigotry than Governor Northam’s college-day foolishness. She doesn’t permit redemption.

Unfortunately, Ms. Whack’s white knight galloping to the rescue, Lt. Governor Fairfax, has himself come under an as yet unsubstantiated accusation of sexual assault. Should one man be given the benefit of the doubt and not the other?

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defined by only the most egregious, blatant examples like using the N-word 

This writer is gonna put a lot of black rappers out of business.

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Actually, it was the 2016 election that put his back on the map. The GOP candidate had earlier taken out a full page newspaper ad demanding the death sentence for 5 innocent young black men, the "Central Park Five". He subsequently redlined properties his family owned and refused to rent to African-Americans. He later spent 6 years claiming that the US president at the time was not a US citizen, and sided with Confederates, Klansmen and the extreme right after a woman was run down and killed by a car driven by a white supremacist. Get your facts straight. This current incident is down to an extremist who disagreed with the VA governor's comments on pregnancy termination who provided an unusbstantiated photo to an extreme-right website called Big League Politics - which then released an unsubstantiated story about his lt. gov - African-American - having been acccused of sexual abuse. The real story here is the lengths the GOP and its agents will go when they see the world sliding from their grasp.

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So, if Ralph Northam steps down, Lt Gov Justin Fairfax has to step down over a sexual assault charge, that leaves Attorney General Mark Herring, who wore "brown makeup" in 1980 because he and some friends dressed up as their favorite Rap artists and perform a song. He would have to step down too.

All 3 are democrats.

The next person in line is the Speaker of the House Kirk Cox, who happens to be a Republican.

I can say that I don't remember any school lessons or topics about "black face" anytime in my education in eastern, western, north or south public schools.

Should these men be forced out of their political offices for being ignorant of something that nobody their age learned or was taught? At the time, I would have seen this as showing acceptance towards black Americans and their vast contributions.

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