Brace for food wars: Science writer issues warning to world

By Thin Lei Win

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Yeah, I remember after the 3/11 quake, all of the stores were stripped bare within a few hours. If there is a shortage, people only care about themselves and panic, if it was to become worldwide countless would perish in fights.

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Future wars will be over water.

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Water, mineral resources, land. Bleak times ahead because of the greedy few who are concerned only about the short term.

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The world's food systems are coming under increasing strain from a combination of climate change, water scarcity and soil and biodiversity loss, he said.

Add over-population to that list.

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It won't happen in my lifetime, but yes, massive disruptions are coming.

The global population has gone from fewer than 2.5 billion when I was born, to 7.7 billion this month. That is an unsustainable rate of population growth. Add to that an almost certain rise in sea levels, which will damage many of the world's major cities. From London to Tokyo, from St. Petersburg to Los Angeles, from Rio de Janeiro to Shanghai, and from Alexandria to Cape Town, there will almost certainly be major destruction of infrastructure, and loss of habitation and farm land.

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Oh boy, this is a toughy, but I’ll give it a shot. The future wars will be fought over......whatever resource is scarce. There it is.

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