Can Occupy Wall Street survive?

By Chris Francescani

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Maybe if they's come up with something they actually stood for, rather than complaining that they're broke and breaking stuff, people would take them more seriously than a bunch of roving thugs.

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To simplify it; they are against the entire monetary/business structure. They don't believe it is the life purpose of the poor or middle class to be lifetime slaves to the unsatisfiable greed of billionaires. They also believe things should be done for the general good of ALL PEOPLE, not strictly for the highest possible profit. All the laws must be passed by corrupt politicians who are owned by the very wealthy they are protesting against. I think they should vote for liberal third party candidates for Congress.

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Can Occupy Wall Street survive?

No. Because eventually Daddy will stop sending them money to buy lattes and quorn burgers. Maaaaaaaan.

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Can Occupy Wall Street survive?

But do we really want them to?

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Wrong movement at the wrong time.

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I think almxx offers a reasonable summary of what the movement is about. But apart from drawing attention to inequality, they don't seem to offer any programme for doing anything about it. If they can't come up with some appealing practical suggestions soon, it's not surprising people are losing interest.

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