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Can Trump attack another country without Congress?


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Here we go again...

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Yes. As have other presidents before him. I thought he wasn't going to do this type of thing.

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Took him long enough to make the decision.

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Slight case of overkill with 59 missiles on hangers.

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What a stupid article. It is like asking someone who has been hit by lighting if it is possible for someone to be hit by lightning. Duh, yeah George.

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Can Trump attack another country without Congress?

Obviously, yes.

Whether it is smart to do so or not to ask is a different question. Congress isn't known for moving quickly on anything. This is one of the reasons there is a President.

I want to know why $78M was spent. At least he was smart enough not to put ground troops in, then the 90 clock starts.

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Trump's been trumped by the neocons.

Game over.

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trumpy is going to drop a bunker buster bomb on trumpy towers, then claim insurance which he does not have

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