Can we eat Big Macs and still avoid climate chaos?

By Marlowe HOOD

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Thank you but NO Thank you.

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"Less Meat = Less Heat"

Not necessarily. Depends on what Mother Nature wants to do.

Even if the United States stopped all fossil fuel burning, the world's biggest CO2 emitter, China, is not even going to even cut back on their emissions.

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Anyone believing the hype that eating meat is gonna cause the climate to change isn't looking at the facts, CO2 only makes up 0.04 percent of the atmosphere thats 400 parts per million, there is no way something so small is gonna cause any problems - its more likely a fantasy being pushed by militant vegans.

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@Andrew Crisp

pushed by militant vegans.

It's from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Developed nations have a responsibility to adopt the most environmentally sustainable diets and show a good example to developing nations like China, Brazil etc who if led to adopt lifestyles like the current American one will destroy the environment to the extent of threatening human existence.

It's science now and time for the American right, who appear to have adopted climate change denial as an article of faith, to grow up.

What's is also absolutely clear that the sources of deliberately misinformation in this area were large American industries serving their own financial self interests, despite even teir own experts predicting the change and threat.

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The first 3 responses are perfect examples of why efforts to change are wasted.

Belligerence, disbelief and misinformation.

3 strikes...we're out.

Even if we magically reduce emissions to zero tomorrow, the planet will still warm due to what is already out there. Our actions have kick started a cycle that future generation 'may' survive...but the interconnection of the problems and consistant denial has me doubting our species will continue beyond the 2100 deadline.

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I’ve know for years that a diet of McDonald’s is responsible for a good deal of the gas released into the atmosphere.

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The only real way we can do something significant is by reducing the world's population.

This planet was not meant to facilitate so many people.

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Well, not about climate, but I know super size me is not doing any good with my body.

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Let's see...the most important factor in Agriculture is a stable and crop friendly climate in which to grow one's food. "...10 Billion people but just barely..." but estimated at today's yields. That is not what we are expecting in the next thirty years because, even if we drastically cut per capita fossil fuel CO2 loading of the atmosphere, the demand is going to increase literally exponentially because that is how our population is growing: Geometically, not linearly. And this next doubling will see population increase FASTER than ever in our history. The World Human presence was ~1.8 Billion souls in 1920. In 1970 it was ~3.6 Billion. In 2019, it is 7.7 Billion. When a population is growing exponentially, the 'doubling time' is constant. In the near future, more births will occur per day than at ANY TIME in the past. That is, population will increase and it will increase at a highly accelerated rate. The ONLY bright spots I have seen in Humanity's future is the apparently spontaneous subthreshold 'decision' (?) by some of the best educated people in our world, the Japanese People, to subdue their own needs in the face of what is obviously to them coming and reduce their reproduction. Iran, apparently, also. But our governments and religions criminally fight these decisions by responsible people because they fear loss of power, fewer soldiers, less tax revenue, et alia. But, if just the 'responsible' people choose to not add to the collective burden which the world faces, all of the next generation's children will be of those who are less aware or don't care about our collective future. The biggest potential threat of Mankind's extinction is the least discussed, most ignored, perhaps because the 'rulers' have their own plan. "Massive population reduction" has been openly discussed by people for whom overwhelming evidence of their pure psychopathy and horrific behaviors greets us almost everyday in the news. Young people, you have my apologies and condolences because we are screwing you very badly and it's only going to get worse. And no one argues that we are, ourselves, a Major Extinction Event for our planet. And when this place crashes, it may be with the highest Human load in history. 10(?) or 12(?) Billion Humans all starving at once. And the last cockroach consumed. Time to wake up, kids. Greta? GANBARE!

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If restaurants like McDonalds go back to using soy based vege ingredients in their hamburgers perhaps this will offset the demand for beef, and provide for more healthy hamburger?

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