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Can we rid artificial intelligence of bias?

By Julie JAMMOT and Alex PIGMAN

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Can we ban the damn thing before The Terminator becomes reality.

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If you base software on humanity, you will copy and paste all aspects of humanity and all political and cultural positions and bias across.

Yes, you can artificially intervene and tweak specifics, but you are just tipping the scales away from one viewpoint and towards another.

There is no point in implementing a system that is so heavily tweaked, it no longer works in a world with diverse viewpoints and bias. The more fringe the bias you impose, the less it works for the majority.

You can allow the software to track humanity, warts and all, and wait for generational change, run with the LLMs that suit the bias of your user base, or ban it all.

AI remains an overhyped bubble. For the cool stuff - humanoid robotics - AI isn't a big part of the next steps anyway. There are more pressing issues to sort out with HR, mainly engineering, and our primary use would limit such tech to a servant/slave capacity. That wouldn't require much ML/AI.

Militaries will develop their own AIs with whatever bias they want.

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The bias in the currently available AI systems like ChatGPT, Claude, Bing, Gemini, etc. is off the scale. And, somwhat unsurprising, it always goes in one direction.

Scott Adams recent discussion with AI is comedy gold:


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Can't control AI anymore anyway.

Humans created a monster

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Elon Musk has been warning that this thing is potentially civilization-ending and ultimately we might have to bomb the data centers.

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