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Can Zuckerberg really make a privacy-friendly Facebook?


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And what fools trustd this guy? If Zuckerberg was going to provide security of private information, he, would have built it into Facebook to start with.

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No, would be the simple answer. Facebook's fortune is built upon selling user data to ad companies so that the latter can spam users with ads. Anything that will inhibit this will cost Faebook a fortune. There's nothing Zuckerberg can do to appease both sides of the coin. His business model doesn't allow for that. He can appease the ad companies, which hurts his consumers, or he can appease his consumers, which will cut ad revenue and therefore cut Facebook profits.

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The issue and the problem is not Facebook, the problem is Zuckerberg, and.. if there are others "behind" him that are influencing his company and it's operations.

Given the current problem with China and his spouse being directly related to Chinese companies, there is a much wider scope to consider. Facebook is "international" and not domestic. It's operation and problems are international.

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Leaked transcript of upper management meeting at Facebook:

Unknown Exec 2: Something about encryption?

Zuckerberg: I like it. What about encryption?

Unknown Exec 2: Umm, privacy and encryption. You know, how privacy and encryption go hand-in-hand, and how Facebook is helping with both?

Zuckerberg: Yes, yes, we are. We are making people's information safer by encrypting it. So that only users and their friends... and friends-of-friends... and apps, completely harmless apps... and perhaps the whole world – and us, of course – can actually read it. No, hang on, that doesn't work –

> Unknown Exec 3: Maybe they don't read it. Maybe it's private communication. Facebook is helping people communicate privately like never before – and securely.


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