Car seats and baby formula are regulated. Is social media next?


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Fake news is the real problem and I don't think it can be regulated away. There simply has to be regular hauling before Congress until the issue is addressed.

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It's like technological capitalism is conducting a huge experiment on developing minds that would never get past the ethics committees in universities.

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Although fake news is certainly a valid issue my opinion is that the desensitization to violence is a more prevalent issue and especially with the younger generation addiction to digital gaming,mental fragmentation,social dissociation introversion ect etc

Japan's youth has had all of these issues for years and Japan hasn't collapsed yet. Fake news can literally change elections overnight, which is a huge problem in democracies. Democracy is only as good as how well informed the electorate is.

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You can regulate baby formula and car seats without imposing state censorship on free speech and implementing universal surveillance.

Simple solutions include separate apps/site/devices for kids and the same reliance on parenting that we have for most things. But tech empowers individuals at the expense of the state, so they will 'take back control' of it.

Social media and crypto are high on the list. Messaging, VPNs, encryption and video games next. The UK government have legislation in process to implement oversight on net access and are looking into video game 'harms'. Steer your kids away from a career in tech as the future of it will be limited to little more than we had with Viewdata services in the 1980s.

Ironically, the greatest harm to my mental wellbeing over the last few years has all been enabled by government policies. Sadly, no chance that they will ban themselves.

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