China's Xi gets tougher on Trump after new tariff threat


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The farcical current occupant of the White House is clueless as to cause and effect of his mindless international trade policies, among other geopolitical policies.

It appears the Trump Recession and the Trump Slump is on the way, and the negative consequences will be global.

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It would be interesting if China suddenly trumped, and dumped additional previously unannounced tariffs on the US right now. I wonder how the Trumpets would deal with that.

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I strongly urge the POTUS to keep the heat on China. The media by design give little clue as to how China is imploding, making us think Xi is playing with great support. Consider that businesses were strong armed into joining the CCP. I don’t believe for an instant that HK & whatever the media feed us is the full story; not by a long shot. We’re in the eve of a new China.

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The dictator versus the corrupt fool. This may not end well.

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President Xi, at last someone with the spine not to be dictated to by the US. China has the same right as the US to be an economic power but this is what Washington is afraid of; loosing its economic monopoly.

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Xi is not dependent on any election to stay in power. Trump is. Trump can never win this game of chicken. Never mind trumps impaired intellect and severe lack of diplomatic experience.

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The dictator versus the corrupt fool. This may not end well.

A long trade war may not end well for China but the U.S. will be far better off in the long run than business as usual.

According to the Trump critics, the tariffs don't negatively impact China, only the U.S. importers and consumers. If this is true then how come Xi is upset?

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These guys are going to reduce the rest of the world to penury before they're finished.

And we all know who started it.

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