China aims at Japan's economy in protests

By Louise Watt

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china should pay back the foreign aid and loans japan has given it over the years. f"#%$"% ingrates...

of course china will just say its pay back for the war while at they continue waving that card as a reason for their territorial aggression and stealing technology, even though their economy has surpassed japan's. f"#%$"% ingrates...

of course everyone knows that china has to play the nationalist card in order to hide the news of their collapsing economy and official corruption. be careful, one day the people are going to figure out that corrupt officials are not patriotic.

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China should break ties with Japan for good. Then Japan will come back, begging like a dog.

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Doesn't most businesses are insured for this kind of situation?

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Beijing is treading a careful line

They would be stupid if they thought encouraging boycotts of Japanese products isn't going to backfire in a big way.

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Bring the factories and jobs home!

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The Chinese should stop their threats and should stop brainwashing their children with hate Japan attitude. If all countries were to be like China, Britain, France, USA and Germany would never be allies today and the world would have no peace. If they lost the territory in war in 1895, let it be as that was the norm of the day for countries to acquire territory. China should know that both countries stand to lose in conflict and to gain in peaceful co-existence.

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The Chinese should stop their threats and should stop brainwashing their children with hate Japan attitude.

The problem is Japanese people like Ishihara were provoking China up until now and suddenly they're surprised at the result. Now that the Chinese are getting more serious, they're telling China to "cool down". I think it's pathetic. People like Ishihara should bear the responsibility for all of this. He started to whole thing, so he should stop it. Let him go to the Senkaku islands while thousands of Chinese fishermen sail there to lynch him, I don't care.

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In 2010, China temporarily stopped exports to Japan of rare earth metals used in high-tech manufacturing after Japan arrested a fishing boat captain whose trawler collided with two Japanese patrol boats off the islands.

Japan began diversifying rare earth suppliers after China temporarily stopped exports in 2010. If China can't guarantee the safety of Japanese businesses in China, Japanese companies will have no choice but to diversify their manufacturing base out of China. They should not have been manufacturing in China in the first place since the Chinese market was always illusory. Japanese companies were eventually going to be locked out when enough technologically had passed to their Chinese "partners." Just look at what happened to Kawasaki with their high speed rail business in China. US companies might also have second thoughts about manufacturing in China after seeing the sort of damage these riots have caused. In addition to Japanese businesses, Chinese attacked and looted non-Japanese businesses like Rolex and Christian Dior. There was also a KFC restaurant that was destroyed. On a side note, South Korea has also begun buying less rare earths from China and more from Japan and France. South Korea purchased a total of 61 tons of rare earth material from China in August, down 60.6 percent from a month earlier. With wages and prices increasing in China, look to see a shift out of China and into cheaper neighboring countries.

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Now ther rest of ASIA with territorial disputes are watching from behind while the rest of the world is begining to see what China realy is. A rampanmt teenager on a Friday night with a weeks pocket money on to much sugar at the movies. It will be Sunday soon enough and it will be back to school with a sugar hangover.

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Silly China has shot itself in the foot. Japanese companies will leave China in droves from now on. Welcome back to your past!

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