China diplomatic offensive lays down new challenge for U.S.

By Shaun Tandon

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In my opinion, there was room for Xi to seek a rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia because the US has for too long been unwilling to treat Iran reasonably. Obama was willing to treat Iran reasonably, but that ended with the next President.

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But U.S. officials and experts say that China's diplomacy is not so much about ending the war as an attempt to change the narrative.

Have they ever thought that maybe Russia and China have their own agenda items to discuss? A bit self-centered and narcissistic of the US to think the US funded War is on the top of the agenda of every nation.

Putin and Xi are discussing Siberia 1 and Siberia 2 and the Far Eastern Pipelines and perhaps how to prevent its sabotage. Conduits of transports in Mongolia, Sakhalin Islands, the Northern Sea route via Artic waters to cut cost and time. China is interested in manufacturing and trade. Sources say they are are discussing Turkey and Syria because this affects trade and transport.

China will leave the narrative to MSM and continue to develop manufacturing around the world. The US will continue to manufacture arms to export to the world. To each his own.

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"Beijing will have already concluded that Washington will dismiss any Chinese diplomatic activity as performative -- a kind of Peking opera," he wrote. "But the Americans are not China's audience, so Beijing likely does not much care what Washington thinks."

Thing is, no one trust China. Even Putin.

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Russia's biggest enemy is China, don't think Xi had forgotten about the land Russia occupies on the border with China. Russia is no value for China they can't give them anything.

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The tapestry scroll in the background seems to depict Pyotr the Great (Peter 1 of Russia) giving an audience to the heads of the vassals he had subjugated. If so, does it mean Vladimir Putin's whole agenda, involving Ukraine as well, is purr-chance to dream for a greater Russia?

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