China's leadership change: Why it matters

By Charles Hutzler

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Without the cooperation of the banks overseas the 'stolen millions' cannot be hidden whether it's the leaders in China or Myanmar. The sad thing is that 'ordinary people' in China have been led to believe that Grandpa Wen is an honest and compassionate man, which he is not. They too have learnt the 'Art of Spin' and with the instantaneous communications of today they don't have to use Sun-tzu's 'Art of War'. The military regime in Myanmar has learnt a lot from the Chinese but Indonesia has wrestle out of that culture quite recently. It matters greatly not just for China but all of us who the next lot of leaders are going to be - less or more corrupt.

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TettoeAung Oct. 26, 2012 - 03:08PM JST As you may see how Premier Wen Jiabao and his lot have got from an 'extremely poor' background.

Whoever leads China will be extremely wealthy. The family of Premier Wen Jiabao has amassed assets worth $2.7 billion through a web of investments. The report said most of Wen's family's wealth was accumulated after he rose to high office in 2002. Maybe these Chinese leaders are listening to the advise of Bernie Madoff.

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Unfortunately, recent events have likely given more voice to the hard-line/PLA bloc which had been relatively quiet while the reformers dominated over a rising economy and increased international status. The US has sought to box China in and the repercussions could mean a shift in Chinese politics, bad for the Chinese public and the region. Time will tell.

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****i agree that consensus is vital for any country and that way it is vital `for any development after all consensus is one causes unity of mind. else leadership tussle surface any where! good there is a transition that needs be anywhere!

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Sure it matters, because it depends on how greedy they are; how much suffering ordinary people have to endure and how far they can stretch Deng Xiaoping's maxim 'To Get Rich is Glorious' . As you may see how Premier Wen Jiabao and his lot have got from an 'extremely poor' background. No wonder only in China they have a saying, ji quon sheng tien; chickens and dogs also ascend to heaven - referring to anyone who promotes his relatives or friends to high positions simply because he has the clout and power. Just imagine, he was the one who was talking about income disparity among the haves and have-nots. What a hypocrite! Well on the other hand would one prefers personality like Bo Xilai? Not only the people in China but also people in China's neighbouring countries and people around the world would be unfortunate to have the choice between the bad and the evil.

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it is not a matter because it is all communist minded , lol . its only ways to go is unknowledge its people , and people has no choice . lol , to keep leaders to b full of gold and people is none of care , china is a lying government

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