Climate justice: Rich nations dodge finance pledge

By Stéphane ORJOLLET

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"The $100 billion target therefore needs to be seen as a floor and not as a ceiling," the added.

That's a big floor!

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Pointless gabfest. How many of these hypocrites will be getting there in carbon-spewing aircraft?

And in more "rules for thee" news, they'll be exempt from the vaccine passport rules too.

It's good be the king!

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Mr. Nasheed from the Maldives is a peripatetic leech, always with his hand out. I heard him speak two decades ago. He said the Maldives would have disappeared by now. [checking map] Nope, it's still there, and not any smaller.

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Wind and solar energy was never meant to power modern, industrial, high income and high growth economies.

No matter how cheap wind and solar power gets, it will never go mainstream as long as there is an equally effective energy storage and transmission solution to go along with it.

Case in point, the most dominant renewable energy source as of 2020 is Hydro, NOT solar and wind. Becuase Hydro power is reliable.

How many more blackouts and global energy crunches will it take for people to recognise this simple and plainly obvious fact?

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This has nothing to with climate, it is a money demand. Now matter how funds you transfer to third world dictators does not change one ioat in regards to climate.

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