Clinton charm, candor scores in Asia

By Matthew Lee

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We have been asked to comment on the charm and candor of Hillary as she travelled throughout Asia. Heck, I am still trying to understand he charm and candor of Hillary befopre the presidential race when she was linked with Vince Foster's suicide. See Google's Hillary Clinton/Vince Foster! Personally, she is not my first choice to represent the Secretary of State's Office. She has no idea of what is the reasoning behind the Cairo Accords of 1943. (Lokk this one up too.)

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Clinton and candor? That does not compute.

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She is intelligent and can learn as she goes. We all do.

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how Clinton managed to look “very young

..that in Japanese is called 'shako-jire'..Hillary San..!

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what a vast improvement over condy rice, who's only purpose was to cover for the lies and crimes of the bush administration.

Smart power, that is great. Much better than the republican failure power.

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Hillary is bunk. Although it is preferable to maintain good relations with as many countries as possible, ESPECIALLY Democratic nations, it is not preferable to engage in dialogue with nations who only respect one thing: Power. The very attempt to engage in accomodating dialogue with Bully Nations (which the US is NOT!), only reinforces an image of weakness. Yes, this article focuses on Asia. But let us focus on Europe for a second.Decreasing birth rates and increasing encroachment of radical Wahhabi Islam and, for example, the French "youth" (ie Muslims) who rampage through the cities of France on a regular basis--all indicators of the very difficult times to come. Where is Charles Martel ("the Hammer") when you need him? If not for Poitiers. . . .

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She has no idea of what is the reasoning behind the Cairo Accords of 1943.

Somehow, I seriously doubt she has "no idea." For everything else that Hillary is, she's certainly no fool. This job was made for her. I hope she can do something good and lasting with the opportunity.

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