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Clinton shows he is Obama's most valuable weapon

By Andy Sullivan

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It was a great speech. Factual and charismatic. Makes you wonder why the GOP didn't have their former President George Bush make a case. Imagine that 49 minute trainwreck.

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1 million Americans watched this exercise in revisionist history. At the same time 24 million Americans were watching a football game on another channel. Only the left wing obsessed media thinks that this is a big deal in the election.

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In a detailed and passionate endorsement of his former rival

They were never rivals; Hillary and Obama, yes, but not Bill.

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edbardoe, actually 25.1 million watched Clinton versus 23.9 million for football. You should check facts.

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Nagata-cho, listen up, it's, "Partnerships not partisanship.."

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Bill Clinton did a marvelous job making the case for four more years.

What a contrast between the two conventions!

Sure feels good to be a proud Democrat... and RIGHT.

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It was a great speech indeed and Clinton put some things on the table, clear to everyone, the republicans will have a tough time to refute [with all respect].

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Politicians aren't so much weapons as tools, some of them being bigger tools than others

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At the end of his speech Bill should have said "I know accept your nomination". After a speech like that, he'd probably beat Romney and Obama.

The only thing he could have done better is to whip out his sax.

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