Beset by Hong Kong protests, China's Xi showcases missiles

By Peter Apps

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One year, three months, and fourteen days until sanity returns to global trade and international relations. Hang in there China, and world. Come visit the Orange man when he is in prison.

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"Unrest in Hong Kong shows no signs of going away."

Peace in HK will not occur until the US and Britain stop fanning the flames. These two nations are using the students in HK to disrupt society and act like a thorn in China.

Some of the PEACEFUL rioters do not live in HK. Many ring leaders study and live in both the US and Britain; one lives and studies in Swiss land.

A good recruitment by the CIA via NED.


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Missiles, this is like trump talking. Chinese have a saying, small show do not beed a big stage.

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The HK citizens have a concept of freedom and democracy that has been denied and crushed out of those on the mainland. Number eleven (or is it Pooh bear?) knows that if that gets a hold in mainland China it’s game over for him and his gang of Mafia style bosses called the Central Committee. So they will hang together lest they hang separately, and will use unlimited force in the final analysis to retain power and kill any threat to their position.

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That's it now, flex your military might. FLEX IT! It can't hide the sorry human rights situation in China and the HK protests testify to that. The 70th anniversary of the CCP celebrations are a total sham, a rhetoric of failure.

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