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Calm down, America. Attacks won't break Britain

By Peter Apps

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Americans have concern whenever a friend is harmed.

Any country that can deal with The Blitz will be fine. We know this.

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I appreciate the sentiments of the author and the "stiff upper lip" way of thinking. I come from the same kind of background.

That said, attrition rates of 7 killed, 45 injured by 3 attackers whether sustainable or not, should not be the new norm. Comparisons to the Blitz are irrelevant when the present day attacks are coming from within British society itself. There are positive trends within the British Muslim community, but as it stands, they are not enough if this kind of thing is regarded as "normal for a big city."

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A very interesting and well written article, spoilt by a misleading title.


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The heroic crate-throwing baker (Romanian), the rugby tackle off-duty policeman, the skate-boarder, the unarmed British Transport Police constable taking on one of the terrorists with just his baton will no doubt become local heroes the way Glasgow Airport baggage handler John Smeaton did when terrorists tried to blow up Glasgow Airport.

The article is a good one, though I suspect American readers will snort with derision.

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Spot on. Some of the reports I've seen on CNN describing deserted streets (first thing on a Sunday morning) and talk of 'chaos' and panic' are as laughable as they are wrong.

Something bad happens, you just get on with things. No panic, no chaos, no rubbish about a nation reeling. Life goes on and two fingers to the terrorists.

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Life goes on and two fingers to the terrorists.

Except that it doesn't for 8, and will be scarred for 45 others.

Deporting or locking up extremists in solitary, at least that would be a start. Protecting their murder-preaching and letting them roam the streets looking for others to indoctrinate, while at the same time blaming the lack of police for not stopping random small-scale attacks is a recipe for more of the same.

Two fingers to the terrorists does not lead to less terrorism, only more needless death. Some say that this is the cost of doing business, but it doesn't have to be. Stiff upper lip means nothing if the head it is on gets lopped off.

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