Carbon taxes will be needed to reduce CO2 emissions

By John Kemp

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And so it begins, the climate change scam is being used to implement a giant global tax on everything, including breathing.

The big boys at the top of the food chain are salivating.

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we have to save the earth from climate change because of too much carbon emission but if you give me carbon tax money, you can use as much as carbon as you want...clever

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It will not reduce the CO2. It will just be paid for.

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Some companies are collecting the CO2 and converting it to useful products.

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Whichever way you lean on the "man made climate change" topic I'm sure most will agree any tax associated with it will do squat to change anything other than enriching those at the top of the food chain

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To we really need a carbon tax, and more Government interference.

Just a smarter, plastic bags are concerned, take reusable. In the home be more thoughtful about power consumption, turn the lights off, invest in loft insulation etc etc.

Make less unnecessary car trip when one could cycle or walk.

I eat less meat, and I plan meals in advance.

Don't need carbon tax. Don't need Government to bringing in legislation to force and bully. And differently do not need more taxation, dressed up politically as a climate carbon tax. Just need less and more efficient Government.

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Carbon tax revenues could be used to increase government spending, pay down debt, reduce other taxes, or be returned to households and business through lump-sum payments.

The first part of that was true. The government will spend even more. Forget about the rest. Reduce taxes? Laughable.

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