By staying in office, Theresa May courts disaster

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By Peter Apps

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Things may work out, of course. It’s just conceivable that May could deliver a Brexit success

Well, what an interesting article. But did it need to be so long? Surely 'Peter Apps thinks Prime Minister May could bring a great success' would cover it. Beyond that, Mr Apps seems to be stretching his reporting skills with an abundance of supposition but lack of facts. Of course, we all know that much hope is being placed by some that the UK will stay in the EU after all (despite the fact that triggering article 50 does not allow that)...... the problem is they do not actually state what 'Remain' means and what terms they want to 'Remain' or indeed what 'Remain' would look like or if they would want a 'Hard or Soft' Remain. What some term a 'Brayin'. Its all a bit vague really.

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