How Cohen, Manafort cases reshuffle global politics

By David Eckels Wade

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But outside Washington, Americans, including Republicans, invariably believe no one is above the law, not even the president.

That is obviously not true - a lot of his fan base seem to think that the law should not apply to their leader.

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The Unindicted Co-conspirator will either be locked up, or pardoned. We are witnessing the progression towards the end of the worst presidency in American history. The sooner the better, IMO. Once he is out of office, the trade wars will end. Neither Pence nor the Democrats want this insane war, but it has been forced upon us by a man who thinks that "trade wars are easy to win."

The trade wars will end, NATO will be strengthened, Putin will be even more ostracized, and children will no longer be ripped from their mother's arms because of the color of their skin. As for North Korea, their dictator will go on as usual, suffering from crippling trade embargoes that have been in place for over a decade.

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Manafort was literally a rogue agent. His absence and neutralization will bring back some stability in many parts of the world.

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