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How to avert more death and despair in Gaza

By Galen Guengerich

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The first thing that can be done is to do away with completely biased "opinion" pieces like this.

Not one mention of Terrorist group Hamas, which is the architect of the violence.

A writer with a grain of integrity would shed light on Hamas paying for the protesters.

The activists are paid a minuscule amount – some 50 shekels ($14) per activist or a lump sum of $100 per family – to charge the fence at the risk of being killed by Israeli snipers. Instead of risking its own operatives, Hamas has systematically sent teenagers and children to the area.

One hilarious video I saw this morning was of a Palestinian display of "dead" protesters lined up before cameras. One of the "dead" forgot the cameras were on and decided to itch a scratchy nose!

These are the depths Hamas will go to like the terrorist animals they are.

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@clamenzaToday  08:52 am JST

Perhaps you could at least start by being honest enough to note that you cite came from a "Jewish News Syndicate" and the title of the relevant article was "Hamas paying protesters to charge Gaza border, Israel reveals", which should be translated as "Israel claims".

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What Israel is doing is nothing short of a war crime. Israel should be treated as a pariah state and its leaders as war criminals. They should be prosecuted.

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Israeli soldiers can kill unarmed Arabs, and the world does not care. If Arab soldiers were to kill unarmed Jews, the world would be in an uproar.

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In 6 weeks of peaceful demonstrations by tens of thousands of Palestinian protesters along the border wall in Gaza some 100 Palestinians have been shot to death by Israeli snipers including 6 members of the press, 1000s more have been wounded by bone shattering bullets, 1000s more by rubber bullets and tear gas. On the Israeli side only one person is claimed to have been "injured" by receiving a scratch. Yet somehow all the Palestinian casualties were caused by Hamas? What utter nonsense!

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Here’s how to avert even more death and despair:

all countries must stop ALL aid to Israel until they move back to the pre-1967 boarder and start respecting international law.

The problem is actually not complicated at all.

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