Insider Trump resisters are not heroes

By Peter Van Buren

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The nation is more important than a job in the West Wing. Stand up if the threat is real, shut up if it's not.

Well said.

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Peter Van Buren gets his main point right, and all his details wrong. He is absolutely correct that insider Trump resisters are not heroes because they refuse to accept consequences for their defiance.

But he gets there by a simpering defense of Trump that alternates between deceptively claiming an individual President to be indistinguishable from The America government agents swear to defend and absurd claims about Trump's suitability for office.

In the third paragraph, Van Buren says, "This is not to support robotic bureaucrats." But that's exactly the subtext of his entire piece. We all agree that anyone working for the Trump administration while anonymously trashing it is a coward. The choice for anyone with ethics is to either work for the administration sincerely or openly defy it and face the consequences that entails. Van Buren says he's not calling for robotic bureaucrats, but with his absurd defenses of Trump, it's obvious he doesn't want anyone to defy him.

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I agree with this article and I think this "anonymous source" is doing more damage to his cause than he realizes. People who hate Trump love these leaks and believe it, great but they didn't exactly need this extra convincing and it's just another line in the long list of reasons to dislike him. The Trump supporter simply can dismiss this as fake news nonsense that's made up and there isn't exactly any evidence that can point to the opposite. Trump himself seems to be loving it as it falls right into his biased and fake media campaign that his followers have completely bought and I'm not sure if any moderates will be convinced by it.

If this guy wants to be the real hero of the "resistance", go public with hard evidence, at least at that point it's much harder to just dismiss it as fake news.

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If this guy wants to be the real hero of the "resistance", go public with hard evidence, at least at that point it's much harder to just dismiss it as fake news.

Just so.

I’m sure he/she would be willing to sacrifice everything if Nike offered another contract.

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"The unnamed insiders who claim to be working clandestinely to resist Donald Trump are not heroes."


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MaddenToday  04:47 pm JST

If this guy wants to be the real hero of the "resistance", 

He never wanted to be the hero of the resistance. He wanted to be the hero of the GOP.

There is no question the person who wrote the article is a Republican. He explicitly supports conservative values while explicitly snubbing liberal values. His whole article is nothing but an attempt at propaganda portraying Republicans as not entirely complicit in Trump's train-wreck of a regime.

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You gotta love the Trumpster. The elite often decry the working man as being resistant to change but when they are forced into change by Trump they scream like adolescent teens who have just had their cell phones confiscated. Trump is a challenger politician, shaking up old thinking and obsolete ways. The elite don’t like change or any threat to their cushy lives. Trump delivers the threat of change in bucket loads.

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Insider Trump resisters are not heroes

By Peter Van Buren

Excellent article. 

It reflects on Mr. Van Buren's own experience, as stated in the article, as a State Department whistleblower who lost his career to tell the truth about the Iraq war, narrated in his book "We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (American Empire Project)". 

Also of interest, "Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent", written years before the 2016 election.

Thanks for this high quality article, Japan Today.

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"Nor is there any evidence that Trump is so incapacitated by either insanity or lack of intellect that he should be removed from office..."

My god, man, there is a M-O-U-N-T-A-I-N of evidence!! Wake up!!

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I agree that the resisters need to come forth because Trump is unworthy of the office, his ego makes him  incapable to work with, and the resisters need to be just that - stop the game, RESIST IN THE OPEN and come forth with 'no confidence' votes and actions to impeach him and remove him from office. Trump has overstepped all the boundaries and he keeps doing so every day so don't just put out an editorial - COME FORTH, walk out on him and confront his dictatorial stance and his reckless monster ego. Tell him face-to-face. HE IS A CRIMINAL AND HE IS ABUSING THE OFFICE THAT HE OBTAINED ILLEGALLY.

Then begin the procedures to IMPEACH this traitor motormouth Mussolini.

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Zed Phillips

It totally depends why he is bringing change and who will benefit from it.

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