Picturing a post-Putin Russia

By John Lloyd

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Russians ‘love’ Putin I was told in Moscow some 18 years ago. I asked quite confused, why? The guide’s answer was simply because he’s Russian, i.e., the supported Russia in the face of the post Soviet Union when they were defeated. Time moves forward. Russia changes as do all other countries. Putin doesn’t have the natural support he did a generation ago. Many have been killed for him and his thugs to remain in power. Are his support numbers real? Who knows?

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showed that Putin’s personal approval rating dropped to 69 percent

Err... is 69 percent low?

Is any Western leader even close to that?

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A post-Trump America will be taking place first!

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Russia has had dictatorships of one sort or another for hundreds of years; monarchy, then communism, now brute force dictatorship, masquerading as a republic.

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