The torture of Theresa May

By John Lloyd

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'The torture of Theresa May'

The British Electorate voted to leave the EU....the single market, customs union, EU court of justice and manage its own affairs. Those 'affairs' include a Monarchy, a Commonwealth of some 50+ countries (several of those have their Parliaments opened by our Queen...many other attributes. It is not extreme to insist the result of a vote is respected and carried out as Parliament itself pledged to do in a large majority vote after the referendum. Mrs May's problems is, after some 2 years of maintaining the referendum result would be carried out, she then tried to push through a 500 plus legal document of pledges the opposite of the referendum result. If she is on a stretch rack then she placed herself on it. Furthermore....there is no such thing as 'No Deal'. 'No Deal' with the EU maybe but even that will have aspects of a relationship such as the unreported reciprocal arrangement passed by the EU in September for mutual airport landing rights. Jan 21st negotiations cease. March 29th the UK leaves the EU (by law) and takes up already ongoing WTO (World Trade re than Organisation) rules which many other countries around the world enjoy. The EU will lose more than the UK in trade if they can not make a trade agreement with the UK. Any transition is bound to have problems...we save at..but at the end of March there will be no transition period and, the biggest downside of all for the EU, no money from the UK....we save at least 39 billion. To describe that as 'crashing out' relies on bias and exaggeration which the writer seems to have plenty of. And attending meetings of past it politicians clinging to the wreckage of their own careers and un-elected pompous Lords who are supposed to have an allegiance to our Monarch and Country and not that of a foreign power, might be the wrong place to catch the public mood. No doubt they will wave 'some polls' what's new? They did all that before the referendum. No imagination...that's their problem.

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