Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ over North Korea hurts his Asia allies

By Andrew Hammond

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In addition, Beijing fears that the collapse of order in North Korea could lead to instability on the North Korea-China border, a potentially large influx of refugees that it would need to manage, and ultimately the potential emergence of a new pro-U.S. successor to Kim.

I don't think anyone wants another poodle in the region. Rather, a more democratic nation that is governed by rational people who haven't isolated themselves from reality.

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As long as the CCP remain in power in China, whatever regime exists in NKorea must also be an authoritarian one. But surely China are thinking that a better regime could be in place. They lost the chance to try and put Kim Jong Nam on the throne as Jong Un had him killed first. Looks like Chinese intelligence dropped the ball.

Or...China is simply waiting for the US to pay up in exchange for sending Jong Un to bed without dinner. What will be the price? Recognize the 9-dash line? Terminate support for Taiwan?

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