Trump’s Iran decision gives gift to Putin

By David A Andelman

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Trump, the gift that keeps on Putin.

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Its not just Putin that wins from this but all those highly leveraged oil "fracking" companies in the USA will see this as an opportunity to pay down debt.

Countries that a net energy importers are set to lose, its citizens will have to divert extra funds to pay the energy bills taking money out of the rest of the economy.

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So Trump keeps giving gifts to Putin? This has happened from the get-go. This 'President' just won't criticize or say anything bad about the dictator of a country which, in one form or another, has been one of American's biggest enemies for more than half a century. Hmm...... something smells fishy. Ha ha ha, Poor McCarthy is probably spinning in his grave.

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And now for dome reality istesd of this opinion based on nonsense.

Leaving the TPP does not empower China or, anyone. These trade pacts are nothing more than politicians setting up a scam for them to siphon money off trade. Most countries in the tpp already have trade deals, with the, US and Japan, the only two major economies. China also has tradevdeals in place with all countries. Sorry china is not empowered.

That moronic Paris accord would, have created a, world wide recession had the US joined up with that scam. The global warming financial scam is a scam. It's only purposes, are to funnel money and give politicians the ability to collude to impose tyranny across the world. Other countries still in it are being run by corrupt politicians and they should thank us for killing it.

The Iran deal is also insane. The idea Iran is allowed to continue developing nukes and, eurooean countries can sell them the tech, along with getting a piece of the, 150 billion Obama handed to Iran, this is no real. The, EU political class is completely blind, Iran is, run by religious tyrants who have stated their goal is to wipe out western countries, only total morons hand weapons to those, who threaten them.

Putin has been selling to Iran the entire time. The Iran deal placed no restrictions on Iran itself, Iran was doing business with Putin before and after the Iran deal. Putin is not obligated to follow US, demands for sanctions on Iran. Putin ignored them before, he will do do again, resulting in no real change for Russia.

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Technicals perfectly matching on this charts. Momentum slowing down as you can see on the RSI . On the lower timeframe (daily and below) we recently saw the impulsive oil drop that does not look like it's going to stop really soon.

Price may go up towards the 75 level and build up some decent resistance right there before it drops down. The trendline from June 2017 is quite strong and if that significantly breaks, oil  prices are likely to fall down further towards the 60 level. Maybe the weekly COI  ( Crude oil  inventories) can push this to this area. 

A significant move above 75 will make this setup invalid. 

A break of the trendline or break of the lows means we can start to expect bearish movement and a drop off towards 60

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