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Trump’s tariffs could cripple American farmers

By Trevor Kincaid

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It isn't just farmers who stand to lose because of Trump.

In 2017 General Motors sold 9.6 million vehicles worldwide. GM's single largest market was China, with more than 4 million vehicles sold just in that one country, more than the 3 million sold in the US. How will Trump's trade wars affect GM?

The industries that Trump is supposedly protecting have for the most part already closed their doors, and moved production overseas.

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Just a note: Many farms in America are large corporate companies, not just family owned farms.

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Part and parcel of the mindless tariff initiatives of the farcical Donald J. Trump administration. The current Washington administration is the main threat to U.S. national security.

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A well crafted article, the truth is many countries subsidize their farmers. and America will more so do the same.

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US giving out first $6 Billion (of $12 Billion) bailout to farmers

For reference, the GM bailout was $13.4 Billion

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While I never like to see anyone suffer, most of 'em did vote for Trump. Just desserts.

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