Energy transitions, job losses and political reactions

By John Kemp

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For those retiring or planning to soon, their future looks even dimmer. No money. How can the world continue with all it’s debt? Leave it to the kids, grandkids? No way. It’s our debt; we’re responsible for it.

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The title is about Energy Transitions, but the subject of the article is mostly about technological changes, not energy transitions.

I would point out that life spans in the West have doubled in the last two hundred years. Surely, that counts for something.

Myself, I would like to spend more time talking about actual energy transitions. Today we are shifting to renewable energy, and it can't come too soon. Here in the States, many more people are now employed in the renewable energy sector than are employed in the diminishing coal mining and burning sector.

There is much talk lately about how the Trump Administration has appointed political hacks to lead the CDC, and then issue "official" statements to the public that are scientifically ridiculous, while forbidding the scientists to talk to the media. What the Trump Administration has done with the CDC is not a one - off. They have also done the same thing to the other formerly respected government bodies that were supposed to be led by scientists. The point which relates to this article, energy, is what Trump's hacks have done at the Department of Energy (DOE).

I will attempt to provide a link to an article in the August 20, 2020, The Atlantic, which is of paramount importance to the subject of energy, and CO2 emissions, in the USA. In summary, Trump has silenced scientists who have put together what has been reviewed as a very sensible plan to share renewable energy across the USA, while lowering costs to consumers, and drastically reducing green house gas emissions. Trump silenced the scientists involved, all so that he could push the use of coal as an energy source.

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