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Fears over coronavirus threaten globalization rule book

By Peter Apps

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As I've always said: globalization brings with it high risks and harsh outcomes (unless you're a billionaire). And this virus outbreak is a case in point.

The premise that globalization would foster a more cohesive global society - such as democratic reforms in China - have proven to be not just wrong, but beyond wrong.

Time to say good-bye to globalization, and replace it with policies that prioritize our own national economic and industrial goals.

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Mankind's most notable characteristic, psychotic hubris, ALWAYS forgets that physical reality is the origin of Deus ex machina and that these appearances, unlike in our literature, do not 'rescue' us but generally leave us, on occasion, severely damaged, and yet, somehow, cannot shake us out of our self-centered ignorance and superstition and dependence on greed-based Authority. Nothing to see here folks...

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