From Taiwan to Moscow reshuffle, Xi and Putin face their limits

By Peter Apps

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lets hope the tide turns on these 2 despicable excuses for world leaders. 2 men who have done more damage to freedom and democracy than anyone in this day and age.

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Sincerely hope both men and their repressive systems are crushed in a tide of popular revolt. The only hazard is the easy way to distract their populations is foreign adventurism which could lead to a major conflagration, but when it comes to sacrificing their own people or facing their own demise for their prior evil acts we all know what they will choose.

Most especially in China where they are already committing horrors on non ethnic Chinese on a scale comparable with the Holocaust. Forcible rape and marriage to Han chinese to destroy their culture and identity having first sent the menfolk to concentration camps for “job training”; organ harvesting without anaesthetic (because live organs keep better) for party officials in need of a transplant or for sale to Western hospitals (Israel has banned import from China once they discovered this).

If this seems far fetched look up the UN Human Rights Council report lead by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC who prosecuted Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes

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