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Good and bad in Ballon d'Or twerking uproar


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A moron is a moron, and this guy is a moron. Where do these people come from? Completely overshadowed Luka Modric's well-deserved win in the men's section.

It's worth asking how much coverage Ada Hegerberg's award would have got if it hadn't been for this controversy. Not much, probably, which just goes to show that in some circles, women are still expected to 'perform' in a different way to men.

I'm a fan of women's football, at its best it's at a standard you can take seriously. So start taking it seriously. Maybe start by getting someone who knows something about the game to ask the questions next time.

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Massive over reaction given the context of the comment. If she had just come up for the award and he asked her that question out of the blue then yeah he'd be an idiot but they had actually just been dancing together, which is why she saw it as the joke it was meant to be. The reaction is just a prime example of the social media society we now live in.

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U stood up my dear, that's is a small victory for all women in the world. Imagine my world in Japan ???. We are getting to the right course too.

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