Saudi control of Newcastle — victories over reality


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Although it didn't come totally out of the blue, this is a real shocker. Where could Newcastle beheading to now?

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Not so Brave New World for Global Britain.

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Many Newcastle fans would queue up to see Mike Ashley and his little sycophant Steve Bruce beheaded.

I understand the moral implications here but it is a plague on everyone's houses. It is very rich to expect football fans to take a stand against Saudi Arabia when very few in Britain are, the democratically elected British government and Royal Family included. The oft-mentioned journalist Khashoggi is vastly outnumbered by those killed during the construction of stadia for the next football World Cup or doubtlessly in those concentration camps in China, host of the next Winter Olympics. The England football team and GB Olympic team have no intention of boycotting those events and will be fervently cheered on by the same public now condemning Newcastle fans. The 2022 Winter Olympics and football World Cup will be far more explicit demostrations of soft power and sportswashing.

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I understand the moral implications here but it is a plague on everyone's houses.

Yes, indeed. How could we possibly expect anything else?

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Sadly, football lost it's moral compass a long time ago. If indeed it ever had one...

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Where could Newcastle beheading to now?

Nice one.

When they say a manager could be heading for the chop…

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The Toons will no longer be a coal fired plant now will run on a higher octane gas. The manager, can’t remember his name, loved the club but zero results heading out of a £8 million exist. It will take 10 years to reach the top level.

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Newcaslte has made a truly Faustian bargain.

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