The right way to sanction Putin’s Russia

By William Courtney

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When am article begins with four controversial statements for which there is no actual evidence, the only reason to continue reading it is to find out how far the brainwashing by America's corporate establishment media has destroyed the intellect of the author.

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"destroy the West"  Surely some mishtake? 

See,s to me that every time "the West" gets up in Russsia's grill it just makes things worse.

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The Russians have instigated a new, mostly Cold War, with terrible consequences for the West. Both Brexit and Trump are likely the result of malicious activities by Putin's forces. It may be necessary to go to the brink of war in order to get Putin to stop conducting his new form of warfare against the West.

While hoping for ways in which Russia and the rest of the world can co-exist, Putin currently is trying to destroy the West. In that context, severe economic retaliation is more than justified. It may even be necessary to conduct limited conventional warfare against those parts of Russia which have actively targeted other countries. Pretending that Putin is interested in working amicably with other countries is comparable to pretending that Hitler could be appeased at Munich.

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The ruthless, remorsless and insatiable gang of world robbers called the West is very afraid to lose its dominance and ability to do whatever it wants. It would be happy to destroy and rob Russia just like it destroyed and robbed Iraq and Libya but to its sincerest regret is unable to do it because Russians, unlike Iraqis and Libyans, can defend themselves. That's why the sanctions. They'll fail in the end, it's the West's last "banzai attack".

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When am article begins with four controversial statements for which there is no actual evidence,

Same thing happens when everything is blamed to the US (similarly the Ukraine thing - there's no evidence for that neither). People just assume it's the US since they believe the CIA is everywhere all the time

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