Trump must choose between economy and trade war

By John Kemp

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Long on "ifs" and short on details.

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He's already chosen. It's Trade War. And that Trade War has morphed into a personal battle of wills and ego for Trump, where he can't abide the thought of being seen as a loser unable to close the deal. Only when it gets through to him that he might lose votes and office because of it will he backtrack. Let's hope that by then, he hasn't already caused long-term damage to the world economy.

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Trump must choose between economy and trade war

No he doesn't. He's chosen to take on China. China is going to do everything it can to ensure Trump is not re-elected. They will fail.

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American economic wholes come form its internal mismanagement and from its enormous expenditure on the military.

Until the US learns to live with the world rather than dictate, it will continue to spend a disproportional amount of its GDP on the military. Dictatorship has its cost.

But of cause, it is more palatable to blame other nations.

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Foreign governments are manipulating their currencies,,,,

Well, that's true. When the Fed indicated a rate cut about a month ago, a source at the BOJ said, "If that happens, then we will HAVE TO ease more too."

The reason -- to get the yen lower. If that's not "currency manipulation," then what is?

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