U.S. should review its approach to Syria’s Assad

By James Dobbins

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Assad offers the best chance Syria has for any kind of peace and stability. Yes, he's a dictator, but the US should learn from its previous mistakes in Libya and Iraq and stop imagining it can impose some semblance of democracy on a country and a region that has little or no experience of it. That's a wild and savage part of the world out there, and there are plenty of wolves waiting outside the campfire for signs of weakness.

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The Syrian PEOPLE, under the leadership of their chosen government, has been fairly successful in fighting 'ISIS' long before the Americans used ISIS as an excuse to bomb and invade and occupy parts of Syria.

Indeed, it was their success in thwarting the American armed extremists that caused them to decide that they'd have better chances taking over Iraq (where the government was an imposed regime, rather than a popular government) and so become 'ISIS' in the eyes of the Imperium, rather than whatever misleading label the American PR types had dreamed up for them.

So, yes, the US should review its approach to the Syrian government and the Syrian population, and get its occupation forces out before the illegality of their presence, and the immorality of their actual mission, blows up.

After all, every one of the American (and British and French) folks deployed in Syria are completely exposed to civil arrest and trial for everything from customs and immigration violations to murder, and the 'defence' that they are soldiers obeying orders opens them up to war crimes charges.

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