Video refereeing a boon and a bust at World Cup


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Let the coaches have a limited number of complaints per game to force the VAR to be used. Maybe 2 or 3 for each side.

Then it is left to the coaches to decide when the tech gets used, but not so often as to completely ruin the flow. Coaches that whine too much will get the heat.

But the VAR calls need to be 100% accurate, perfect, every time.

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Sparingly employed, VAR hasn't rendered matches as choppy as the replay delays in American football.

No, this is wrong. The VAR room watchers constantly review everything that happens during the game. If they feel something is unclear they can send it back to the referee for him to look at again or the ref can ask for a replay. Queiroz and Barber are both right. VAR has cleared up a lot of close calls but many are still subjective and they're getting them wrong.

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I am also for the teams to have right on objection limited to 3 times per match, plus once if there is extension time at the elimination stage.

Referee should be not informed for possible misjudgment and if football players blow their chances for small things they might not have calls remaining for something really important.

So speaking I hate simulation and hope this system will make all players play real football - it would not take from the beauty of the game - on contrary!

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It feels sooooo nice when the players, including Neymar, throw themselves on the ground pretending somebody’s hurt them just to be reprimanded by the VAR who’s got some evindence of how good actors they are... Hahahahahah

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