Why Europe fears collapse of the Iran nuclear deal

By Maysam Behravesh

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IMO, the whole world should fear the dismantling of the Iran Nuclear treaty, the one arranged during the Obama presidency. The primary reason that the current American president abandoned the treaty is that it did not have his name on it. It is like what the ancient Pharoahs did in Egypt, chiseling off all mention of a hated predecessor from the obelisks; satisfying in the moment, but it just makes the perpetrator look smaller to history. In this case it is worse than that, because it makes the world less safe.

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@1glenn, you could not possible be more wrong. It is a bad deal for the world. News flash , if you keep doing business with a terriost country that has zero respect for existing agreements you must be stupid. The EU deal is about money. They do not want to be sanctioned and hurt trade with the USA. The EU has little vision into their long term future. Travel to Europe recently, notice it feels less and less like the old Europe. Get a grip 1glenn.

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