China wields patriotic education to tame Hong Kong's rebellious youth

By Sarah Wu

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This how Mao Zedong riddled China of millions of people. Xi is a world class criminal now bent on killing, destroying or brain washing the remaining little bastion of freedom on mainland China. I wonder how the world is going to react. A gentle slap on the wrist and say no, no? Let’s protect Taiwan at least.

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Xi is as bad as Stalin and will be worse than Mao if not stopped. He is already trying to brainwash the Hongkong people and they went from living In a free country to living in a totalitarian regime in less then 1 year.

we all have to act by cutting of China’s businesses and protesting Xi’s dictatorship.

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They're trying to rebrand liberal studies and renaming it. They might as well rename it as communism studies. Can you also imagine liberal studies as a school subject in Japan? I bet many Americans won't like this rebranding. Oh wait, it contains the word 'liberal'. I wonder what Americans think of 'liberal studies'.

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This is just crazy scary stuff. The beginning of the "Same Speak" generations...

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It sounds like the Chinese government officials are teaching that a love for freedom and democracy equates as hate for China. That is unfortunate. Obviously, Xi is setting himself up as dictator for life, with absolutely no dissent allowed. In the past, dictators who took that route have too often led their people into offensive wars of conquest.

At this point in history, it seems to me that while we need to try to get along with Xi, we also need to try to make him understand that we are prepared to defend ourselves, if he forces the issue. Meanwhile, we can hope that at 67 years of age he will leave the world stage sooner, rather than later, and that in the future China's leadership will be less dictatorial, and less aggressive.

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I wonder how many years will pass before the rest of the world sees China as the very evil government they are? Add the booming economy and growing middle class, most of their citizens are just in blind awe of this huge mafia government. 212% tariffs for Australian wine just for joining a COVID investigation? Social credit scores? And maybe a pinball wizard for our new US President.

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I don’t get your point. They are without question very bad , but only some years ahead with their perfected dictatorship. Do you think it is completely different somewhere else? If you have another opinion than the majority or any entity you direct your opinion to, you are also treated bad in almost all other countries or even here.

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I don’t get your point. They are without question very bad , but only some years ahead with their perfected dictatorship. 

It is uninformed and cynical views like this that allow authoritarians in the west to exist, even flourish in some places. No, the west is emphatically not like China. Political free speech is a guaranteed right. While websites might censor, er "moderate" speech they are not required to and the governments of most western countries have no authority to censor speech. I'm sorry you cannot see this but it is in fact the case. This site and sites like it do not exist in China. In fact you cannot access this site from China unless you have a VPN, which is also illegal to use, but many such as myself do indeed use.

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It is probably not possible for Chairman Xi to change the views of Hong Kong youth. His form of political education will be rejected by the highly westernized people of Hong Kong. About all he will accomplish is to further alienate the young people of Hong Kong.

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On the subject of the re-education camps.......

Back in college there was a very popular professor who taught Chinese history. After the Civil War he had been put into a re-education camp. He played along, convinced them that he was re-educated, and was released. He eventually escaped China through Hong Kong, and ended up in the States. The prof was extremely knowledgeable about Chinese history, but the most popular part of his courses was when he talked about current affairs in China. He knew a lot that was not in any books. This was before Nixon's trip to meet with Mao. With Hong Kong under the thumb of Xi, it is already much harder for Chinese to escape.

I am not optimistic about the ability of the people of Hong Kong to deal with the constant lies that they will be subjected to in the future. Just look at what happened to the youth of Germany under the Nazis. Did the Nazis achieve 100% conversion of the youth? No, but they didn't need perfection, only a high success rate. The youth of Germany ended up being the most fanatic followers of Hitler.

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This is where woke left activists/big tech/etc crowd learn their tactics. China.

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China wields patriotic education to tame Hong Kong's rebellious youth

I guess similar minds think alike...maybe he's one of Trump's Chinese business partners...

*In austere, starkly divisive remarks, President Trump on Thursday said he would create a commission to promote "patriotic education" and announced the creation of a grant to develop a "pro-American curriculum."*

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Hong Kongers are too free minded. It’s too late to changed them. Look, it’s high schoolers out on the streets fighting, not seasoned politicians or rioters. Only way for Beijing to change them is to physically take them out of HK and deport them to unnamed camps. I’m just waiting for parents and schools to claim their children are missing. Then we’ll know we have a large problem on our hands.

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This is where woke left activists/big tech/etc crowd learn their tactics. China.

What are you talking about? None of the tactics used by antifa or BLM demonstrators are even remotely tolerated in China. China doesn't permit dissent of any kind in any form. None of the demonstrators I have been acquainted with want any part of China or their government. As bad as the US and some state and local governments are, the Chinese are an order of magnitude worse. I am probably considered to be left wing but I joined the Navy to keep the Communists OUT. Instead now I have to worry about my own government being as corrupt and authoritarian as some of the governments I was once sworn to defend against.

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Chinese Clockwork Orange

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