Denying defeat, Trump offers fodder for world's strongmen

By Shaun Tandon

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'Tis but a scratch!

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Unfortunately I think too many "strongmen" in Africa or elsewhere don't really need the example of Trump to encourage them to dispute or disregard elections. It happens so often that it's pretty much the norm in some places. But yes, the diminished ability of the US to provide a positive or dissuasive example to would-be dictators, post-Trump, is the potential problem.

Anyway, it seems more likely that Trump has been getting inspiration from the Transcaucasian republics (the "Stans"), or Belarus, rather than the other way around.

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They look like militants. It is a little understandable why US soldiers want to be all over the world to fight.

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President Donald Trump is now establishing a new American model -- refusing to concede, making unsubstantiated claims of fraud and seeking the intervention of courts and political allies in hopes of reversing his defeat to Joe Biden.

What’s sad is that people still believe in what Trump says, that there was fraud. And they still believe that Trump believes in what he’s saying. Especially these Trump supporters, they have no idea of how dumb they all look, how ridiculous this is. They don’t wanna realize they are being “used” by Trump, in fact, Trump is “using“ the whole country for his personal interests. He’s gonna create chaos and destruction along the way but he doesn’t care because that’s who he is. Edward Norton is right when he says that Trump doesn’t care about his supporters and he doesn’t care about the election. People are being fooled. He wants to “survive”. He’s just trying to delay his fate and run away from justice.

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Will there ever come a time when Trump is referenced more in the history books than in the news outlets? How long will it take for that to pass? I know that negative emotions can be corrosive, but how can one think about Trump without feeling disgusted and nauseated?

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A democracy must have honest elections if the majority of the people's will is to be represented, and what we are reading in the media, and as the result of judicial actions is that the 2020 Presidential elections have been honest . . . .

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I think the author of the article has the direction of inspiration reversed. It seems to me that Mr. Trump is simply emulating decades if not centuries of dictators who came before him. The three idiots in the photo remind me of Mussolini's brown shirt thugs or some Latin American death squad. Nothing new here except their appearance in the US.

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Well, at least this is correctly put in the "opinions" section, so I don´t have a beef with it.

What really bothers me is that this sort of deranged rants are typically in the "news" section these days.

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