Distancing from Trump? Some Republicans step up critiques


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He has responded with a mix of disbelief and anger, including frequent frustration that the pandemic robbed him of a strong economy and drowned out the attacks he hoped to land against Biden, according to the officials.

Of course! The virus was bred in a lab and deliberately released by China in an attempt to ruin Trump's re-election chances. Everybody knows that, or at least everybody inside whatever bubble it is that Trump and his supporters inhabit.

The wheels are coming off the Trump wagon. Can't wait for the whole damn chariot to overturn and spill the lot of them into the dirt and an ignominious palace in history.

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The RINOS are as big a problem as the Democrats. They need to be primaried.

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I suspect that once he is out of office, Trump will flee to Putin for asylum.

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Flee, utter nonsense! The majority of Republicans are sticking with the President despite a lot of liberal media hype. The thing is and what other Republicans lack is a spine and thank God for Trump taking a stand against liberals, the anarchists and the entire establishment. Once the debates starts we shall see what Biden has to offer in policy and so far, that has not happened and he won’t be able to run away. The attacks on Biden haven’t even start and there’s over 50 years of Biden flub archives at the GOPs hands. Trump is looking forward to it.

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Liz Cheney, the No. 3 Republican in the House, tweeted a picture of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, wearing a mask with the hashtag #realmenwearmasks.

That photo with Cheney wearing a cowboy hat and a light blue mask makes him look silly.

I suspect that once he is out of office, Trump will flee to Putin for asylum.

I suspect that Trump, after he finishes his second term, will hand over the presidency to the next Republican president. :D

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I suspect that once he is out of office, Trump will flee to Putin for asylum.

You can get odds on Russia naming an airport after Trump.

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rats fleeing a sinking ship

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rats fleeing a sinking ship

More like they’re doing the President a favor, better for his next term to get the people he likes and trusts.

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Trump don't trust anyone!

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The VERY conservative Republicans of "The Lincoln Project" are some very mean folks when they don't like somebody. To see how mean, find "The Lincoln Project" on YouTube. Below, I have included (I hope) two links. The first is to a news story from CBS talking to this group so you know who they are and the second is the series of video ads they have published. When considered in the light of who is sending them, they are both punches to the gut and absolutely hilarious in that light...


The Lincoln Project

"Betrayed" is quite powerful...

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trump is not a 'politician' really, he's a cult leader...

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These jokers have lockstep this entire time, aiding and abetting this President for three and a half years. They don't get to do a 180 and start acting like they're potentially the good guys now that the ship is sinking.

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