Divided America of Trump era challenges ad industry


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Nike is the worst possible company to use for this argument, given that I've heard reports of their sales rising 30% after the Kaepernick ad. They aren't a case of a company having to choose "which side" to go with in a "divided America", they're a case of a company with an obvious choice in the market to follow and a few bitter and angry members of the public blowing up their name recognition by throwing childish tantrums.

We have a majority of the public who like professional athletes who protest against police violence, who aren't offended by people of color who have opinions. We have a vocal but tiny, bigoted, hateful minority of the public who can't handle that. It's a clear choice which group should be marketed towards.

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Nike did the right thing. Nobody at Trump rallies wears athletic shoes.

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"Divided America of Trump era"

Pfffft! Obama is the one who divided America more than Moses divided the Red Sea.

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Despite the backlash, Nike's embrace of civil rights activist Kaepernick was seen as deepening the brand's appeal to millennials and non-white consumers. Many marketing experts saw it as a shrewd cost-benefit calculation in a politically divided, Trump-era United States.

Thank you, Nike, for “bringing us together”.

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We have a vocal but tiny, bigoted, hateful minority of the public who can't handle that.


Tomorrow you’ll be saying how large their numbers are. Be consistent with your propaganda. Remember Mark Twain’s words: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

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