Domestic climate laws on the rise


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To bad there is no proof of global warming or proof that man is causing it.

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Is it getting hot in here?

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This is pure arrogance by government officials. They are preying on the naive. To think that mankind has had such an impact on the earth in the last 100 years (which survived millions and millions of years). These initiatives will strip us of our freedoms and our money, while they fly around the world (spewing polutants), riding in limos and staying in the finest to give speeches to each other.

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There's plenty of strong evidence - for those even a little scientifically / mathematically literate.

To think that mankind has had such an impact on the earth in the last 100 years

Of course 'mankind' can have such an impact. More over - it has. And while you seem to think it is some stunningly huge impact, It's not that big of a deal for the planet. But it will be a major impact for us (and sadly a number of other 'innocent bystander' species). In the scheme of things, very early on, cyano-bacteria had a much more major impact. So, climate change is really all about us and the next several generations, and whether we want to hand down a geo-political mess of mass famine, mass dislocation, and major conflict or own up to some responsibility and try to get some control before it goes off the rails.

None of this is going to cause you to lose any of your 'freedoms', except maybe the 'freedom to be self absorbed, totally irresponsible and Narcissistic'.

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