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Don't call me 'Greta': Young climate activists demand to be heard

By Annie Banerji

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Gee, Licypriya Kangujam. 8 years old, going on 30 (that's a compliment). She sounds smarter than 95% of the adult population. No wonder she's a bit pissed off with being dismissed as just another "Greta."

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I suspect the future for these young superstars will not go well. It will be incredibly depressing for them once the limelight fades and the real work begins, most of which is thankless day after day after day.

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Personal identity is important for all. Each one is unique and not branded into a media pigeon hole. Like all of us they will learn from their successes and failures. Failure can be a great teacher.

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Was talking with a fellow senior-citizen neighbor the other day, and he expressed the feeling that he did not care about the climate, or about the economy, and what things would be like for our children and grandchildren, as long as things are good for him. I find that to be a disappointing, if honest, answer.

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