Egypt's crackdown a gift to al-Qaida


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"bloody crushing of peaceful demonstrations"

Except those demonstrations weren't so peaceful.

"a gift to al-Qaida"

Letting the Brotherhood impose their version of Islamic law on the entire country would be worse.

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I am personally against both parties in Egypt, but I never heard any report about the sit-ins not being peaceful. There might have been an incident or two but in general they where very peaceful (CNN had reporters in there throughout and they didn't report any major violence).

Isn't Obama imposing his version of "democracy" to the US? Or isn't Abe imposing his version of democracy/economics to Japan? Every party all over the world that wins in elections imposes their ideas. The Muslim Brotherhood had won in all the elections!

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The Muslim Brotherhood had won in all the elections!

That's an amazing stat -> Only second to Kim Jung-Un.

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Can you name one of the elections in Egypt (after Mobarak!) that it didn't obtain a majority?

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That's what you are supporting and what the people of Egypt are throwing onto the pyre. Look what happened in Libya and Syria when they let these terrorists in. Was even worse before Morsi was forcefully removed from power. You are looking at 99% of Egyptians against these civil terrorists. Syria is much the same.

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I am not supporting any side; politics should be free of the military, religion and companies! Egypt is right now trying to choose one of the first two! The whole purpose of both sides is wrong! Each of these three are respectable as long as they remain in their own realm, but when they mix in politics you get Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan for the first two and the USA is how companies are controlling the politics! All are wrong!

I asked you to name some internationally recognized elections, you give me youtube videos!?!?! There where elections credited by all international institutions in Egypt, the Muslim brotherhood got a majority in all. I have to say the opposition was very strong (and supported by the west!). But they still lost!

The military (and its supporters: the western countries) only want democracy when it is friends with them! There are so many examples in the last century, just this week CIA admitted to the coup in Iran, who is to say they are not managing all the killing in the middle east now?! All those deaths you cited are caused by the western countries not accepting what the local people want!

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You are still confused. The people of Egypt took it to the streets (a direct democracy). They asked for Morsi to remove himself and he refused. The Military took action after 2 days of waiting. You should be thanking the military for performing this action on behalf of the people.

Now the military is sweeping up these "Muslim BrotherHood" terrorists that are just opening fire on anyone to cause chaos. If the people of Egypt had guns (very restrictive gun ownership policy) this battle would have already been over.

The people of Egypt in no way shape or form want the Muslim BrotherHood. They are viewed as terrorists, torturers, rapists and anti-Muslim/anti-Egypt. There is no way they are going to allow this terrorist issue to fester like in Syria.

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Democracy is not determined in the street my friend! There is a ballot box and people and political parties should use that to express their political views! Judging from the street there was no sign which side has brought more people! Also consider the fact that most of the lopulation can't come to the street everyday to protest, only the extremists do!). The ballot box was created for this purpose! The opponents of the Muslim brotherhood could not get a majority in an election, that is why they finally joined forces with the military and orchestrated the coup!

If they would have left the Muslim Brotherhood to finish their four years, the people would have understood that politics and religion should not go hand in hand, but by doing the coup, they just made everything so much harder! The Muslim bortherhood extremists now have excuse to get violent, because the military, the opposition and their western supporters declared war on them. They would have been proved wrong in 3 years time on the next elections, unfortunately the USA military-industrial complex (that is managing all the killings in the middle east) doesn't see beyond the moment and can't make a decision even for its own long term interests!

The CIA paid people to come to the streets in Iran back in 1953, they then used those paid demonstrations to justify the coup, they are doing exactly the same now in Egypt. Please have a look at history before making decisions.

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