Enforcing rules in air zone will stretch China's air force and navy


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For unidentified or threatening flying objects in the (zone), the Chinese side will, according to different situations, take timely identification, surveillance ... and control measures to deal with it,” the spokesman said.

ET better watch out.

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This is exactly what I was expecting. I reviewed the jets they listed in this article, and most are nothing special, while others are downright embarassing. Not only are the jets little more than flying toasters, but the pilots are pretty poor as well by the sounds of things. They don't shadow foreign jets like they used to, since crashing into a US jet twelve years ago. I guess that means Chinese pilots can't fly for crap then. I've seen US and Japanese pilots in flight before, and they are skilled. They would fly rings around the Chinese if an aerial conflict should break out. Their air force is even smaller than I thought it was if they're going to struggle to enforce the ADIZ. Maybe they should shrink it so that they don't push themselves too hard. It's too big for them to manage. They'll exhaust their personnel. Tired people make poor decisions, and China could end up instigating an armed conflict, and therefore be incapable of holding its stance as the innocent victim.

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Isn't underestimating your opponent one of those things you shouldn't do?

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@Mumbai agreed. I think the US knows enough not to underestimate an enemy. Hence the spying between has still been going on even while people are complaining about it.

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I don't see an underestimation. China has an airforce of junk mostly from other countries (namely Russia), and a Navy of one carrier (also Russian), and several ships with crew that very probably can't even swim, let alone operate the ships they're stationed on. Japan meanwhile has superior aircraft (the best being the F15J, a Japanese version of the F15 Eagle: a multirole air superiority fighter jet), highly skilled pilots, and a navy consisting of several high quality warships and disciplined sailors. Then there's the US. How long do you have for this list? They have the B52 Stratofortress, the B2 Spirit, F15 Eagle, F16 Fighting Falcon, F18 Hornet (I think that was actually replaced by the Super Hornet), the F22 Raptor, and the F35 Lightning II, amongst many others, including a large number of Drones. USAF pilots are highly skilled as well. The US Navy is simply massive, and the sailors are also highly disciplined. Then there's the Marine Corp and if necessary: Delta Force, one of the top 3 Spec Ops units in the world. China's Spec Ops rate as Number 9 last I checked. So where exactly is the underestimation? A shambles of a navy and airforce against two spectacular airforce and navy? China would be boned in an armed conflict.

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