Environmental collapse now a serious threat


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Time to build the space ark then?

Sorry, but this is scaremongering again. What are they advocating? Exterminating a certain percentage of the population of the planet? Forcing us all to stay in our own little communities... no more cars, no more power, no more planes, ships, fishing, farming... just live like hippies in teepees and commune with Mother Nature?

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Aaron: "Japan will be in a lot of trouble when fish stocks 'really' start to dwindle, not just bluefin, but all species...its going to be really interesting when that happens, thats all I can say :)"

Actually, it'll just be more of the same crap as always. Already Japan is blaming dwindling blue-fin tuna stocks, which it takes 80% of, on 'foreigners', claiming that since Japanese have been eating tuna sushi for ages it is the fault of other nations that they may not continue to be able to do so in the future at present levels. This was a big article last year or the year before, and it was literally amusing to watch Japan and Japanese nationals (or wannabes) literally blame others in the Atlantic and Mediterranean for eating all of 'their' tuna.

In short, they'll never cop to overfishing, only blame it on others and accuse people of Imperialism if they argue against them.

Same with climate change... it's everyone else's fault, not the individual country (that's not just pointed at Japan, of course). Japan is using the disasters of last year to point out reasons for bailing out on promised cutbacks of emissions, and other nations that ratified the Kyoto Protocol have basically all bailed as well.

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NeverSubmit: "The global warming "theory" has fallen flat on its face of late."

Only a fool thinks the term 'global warming' means June 11th of 2012 will be a torrential rain of fire compared to the same day a year past. You yourself touch on how unstable the environment is of late, so you yourself believe in 'climate change', which global warming includes.

But hey, you guys will be amongst the first to blame certain politicians for failing to act when you would not let them due to your denial, so I don't expect you to admit to anything.

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Yeah, scaremongering with the global warming methinks...however, overfishing is a problem I don't see going away...Japan will be in a lot of trouble when fish stocks 'really' start to dwindle, not just bluefin, but all species...its going to be really interesting when that happens, thats all I can say :)

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It shud be clear to folks that we humans gobble of stuff at an ever increasing rate due to technological advances & old fashioned population increases, that simply cant keep going.

Whether it will be a series of local changes or more globally, time will tell.

Also whether it will be natural influenced or totally man-made(economic collapse) either way the affects will be more than huge, Europe cud be the start of the later..........

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Let's see. I've got a degree in environmental science. How can I make a living. Get a job, helping to produce something that people will willingly buy, or rustle up some fear so I can get some government (taxpayer) money to "research." Hmmm....

I recommend the book "The Rational Optimist" by Ridley for those who are interested in reading how:

1) These end-of-the-world-is-coming-nutjobs have been around for hundreds of years, and

2) Why they are ALWAYS wrong

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In case there are too many words on that page, here is a chart:

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The global warming "theory" has fallen flat on its face of late.

It's not a theory. It's a thermometer reading.

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The global warming "theory" has fallen flat on its face of late.

The AGW ideology reached its peak about 5 years ago, it's quickly being relegated into the dustbin of other hoax theories as countless evidence is pouring in about cooling temperatures and large fluctuations in earth's temperature and climate throughout history. In essence, climate change is nothing new, it's always been here and it'll always be here. No reason to tax everybody to the ground.

The fact that every year seems to have a climate gate scandal probably doesn't help the global warming hype hypothesis either.

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They are now more likely to get research grants.

Wow, that must mean the whole thing is a conspiracy, right? That is what you want to say, correct?

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The Nature paper, written by biologists, ecologists, geologists and palaeontologists from three continents, compared the biological impact of past episodes of global change with what is happening today.

They are now more likely to get research grants.

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I think species extinction is a problem and I hope something is done. Overfishing on the high seas is something that worries me very much.

However, climate change is by no means a given. Some scientists are even predicting a new extended period of cooling based on the Sun's cycles.

Also, when you look at a graph of the earth's average temperature over the centuries it hasn't suddenly shot up in the last 30 years... it's just risen a bit and now seems to be static or falling.

Given the large fluctuations in temperatures that have historically occurred, I'm not that worried about it.

Have a look at this interesting link:

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Oh brother. These people give humans far too much credit. Not that we can't do better, but the idea that we are going to cause the environment to collapse is too far out for me. The earth has been much warmer in the past and much cooler in the past and that happened before we humans are thought to have had much of an impact on the environment. I seriously doubt whether this extremist alarmism put forth as science is dependable.

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Ha ha ha, the deniers are out today. Sorry I laughed, I know it's not nice to mock some one with a mental problem.

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Totally agree with NeverSubmit. What is really terrifying is the fact that these scientific nut jobs are still promulgating their scaremonging, even though fewer and fewer people are taken in by them. Thousands of real scientists do. It support their views, which are becoming more and more political in nature as time goes on. Their scare tactics, emanating yet again from the UN, which is to the forefront of this warped ideology and whose ambitions are a One World Government, dictatorial in nature, have as their goal forced population control, among other things. Their goal is the removal of our freedoms of movement, freedom of speech, and freedom of how we live our daily lives. Already any who oppose their ridiculous views are branded as criminals, and also that we should be locked up in mental institutions for daring to oppose or question their "scientific facts.". That is not science, that is fascism. It is based on the false ideology of the survival of the fittest, that we must all obey and not question, so as to save the planet from coming destruction.

One of the Great High Priests of these false notions is Al Gore, the failed former Vice President of the USA. He has made millions of dollars out of his false propaganda, much of which is lies. The same goes for his minions in the world of science, because they all know that if they lie and bleat their false doctirines for long enough, the gullible masses and media will begin to believe them, and they will then gain their political power and use it to make millions out of the lies. Anthropogenic global warming does not exist. Climate Change there is, but it is a natural phenomenon, and has been going on for thousands of years. So called "global warming" has been shown to be nonsense, because the fact is that the planet has been cooling since 1998. The ice caps are not melting, but the volume of ice is increasing. The Climategate scandal in Britan a couple of years ago exposed these false scientists for the fraudsters they are, because they were doctoring the data to suit their own political agenda. Green Politics is big business, and means big money for those who promote and propagate it. That is what this is all about. The dogma is not really based on proven scientific fact, but on greed motivated political ambition.

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The irreversible damage to Earth eco-systems is gradually occuring becauswe of the population growth and industrialisation and rapid changes in living styles from a frugal spending economy to throw away society promoted by USA in particular due to egoistic.materialistic,mechanical and overgreedy exploitation of Natural resources by a handful of Multi-national corporations in almost every country.Today the rapid spread of Nuclear power plants is adding fuel to thde fire even in Buddhistic countries like Japan and India where people have no respect for traditional ethical and moral value systems and consequently pollution and ecological degradation on an unprecedented scale is occuring almost in all countries and naturally the world has to face the drastic punishment inflicted by a handful of politicians and businessmen to the detriment of millions of poor people whose voice is throttled even in democratic countries like India.If Churches,Temples and Mosques take up thse issues of human survival,most of the people can be influenced to think about how to stop this rapid degradation in human values and work to rerstore the creations of GOD on Earth so that future generations can live with health and vigour Environmental ethics must be promoted all over the world as preached by Jesus,Mohamad,Buddha,Mahavir Jain,Hindu saints and great people like Mahatma Gandhiji prof.T.Shivaji Rao,Gitam University,visakhapatnam,Director for Environmental studies

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The oil will run out first. That's when things will get really interesting. Why do you think most major governments are buying up weapons like crazy? Revolution coming.

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Yes only making profits is sacred. Anything that interferes with that must be ridiculed, denied and pleasant lies must be financed at any cost. Doing nothing guarantees the worst case scenario which usually turns out more extreme that the most radical scientist could guess, while doing something may slow it.But government and industry operate on telling us peasant little lies that will convince us that everything is okay and something is actually being done about it.If people have not observed that by now,then our extinctions is the natural result.Over 90% of all living species have gone extinct,and there is no reason to believe that humans are special enough for it not to happen to them. Now the planet will survive and the nature will fill in the blanks as she has done before. Nothing will be left to show that we have ever been on this planet. As they say, "There is no cure for stupid."

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They have been saying this for decades.

Meanwhile, the earth has actually begun cooling in the last few years, sea levels are not rising and a lot of areas are experiencing reforestation and re-wilding.

“My colleagues who study climate-induced changes through the Earth’s history are more than pretty worried,” he said in a press release. “In fact, some are terrified.”

"Terrified" ?? Gimme a break. This tells you the kind of nutjobs that purport themselves to be rational, objective scientists.

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