Europe debt crisis stirs recession fear


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Long in the past the European government had been warned of the Greek as money greedy lazy people. Sadly no one stopped them from entering the European Union. Now everyone is paying a high price for this ignorance.

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koyken: thanks for the stereotype.

it's always funny to read those experts, etc telling us it's a crisis, no recovery ahead, blabla, while the same people, with the help of governements, are creating the crisis.

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The Euro crisis was predicted by the many critics (including Milton Friedman, Wilhelm Hankel, ex German finance minister Karl Schiller and many others). Now, what they said would happen is happening precisely.

Still, the Euro politicians soldier on, defending the indefensible.

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The Euro is toilet paper.

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Used toilet paper!

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We're at a junction now in world trade where unrelated (maybe related?) factors such as over-population, IGNORANCE, scarcity (water, food, etc.), growing worldwide obesity, and indebtness is going to create one hell of a FUBAR economic scenario. Everybody's in debt and massive government borrowing/deficits are creating a bizzaro world -- unlike anything we've ever seen before.

FUBAR = fu-c-k-ed up beyond all recognition
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I hope the pro-debt Libs learned their lesson. Now we can end these "wars" and financial terrorism also.

Seems like Hillary is targeting NK again = more debt.

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Europe needs to say good-bye to socialism to cure itself. The US needs to not copy an obviously failed system. Obama is a complete loss and at one as well.

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The Euro will survive at the expense of millions of people.

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