Everybody spies on everybody

By Mathieu Rabechault

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All governments have spies. They spy on their enemies.

And guess what kids, the government regards informed citizens as it's enemy.

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"SPY vs. SPY"

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Saying one thing publicly about spying and approving something else in secret is a longstanding tradition, as "hypocrisy is part of the game,"

Tradition? It's patently childish, is what it is.

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Article is sort of all over the place and does not explain the spying. (best article on the EU spying (was pulled) (pdf - explains tiers) (pdf - US capabilities (old))

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Just because "everyone does it" doesn't make it right, you know...

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They all just admitted to being control freak thugs.

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Get used to it: Big Brother is watching you ... constantly.

Right now as I write this, some government "hacker" somewhere is probably peering right into my computer. So goes it for you, too. Anymore, privacy is what we try to find behind locked doors with all the electricity turned off. Privacy. It's getting harder & harder to protect.

And as we have all read here & there ... scientists are studying ways to "read" our minds ... and thus invade our innermost thoughts & secrets.

Beware of Big Brother.

... But how ???

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But everyone's doing it..

Is the argument of the morally bankrupt.

How long before we hear cops in some countries exclaim "this one ain't chipped!"?

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