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Experts alone can't handle AI – social scientists explain why the public needs a seat at the table

By Dietram A Scheufele, Dominique Brossard and Todd Newman
The ChatGPT app is displayed on an iPhone. Image: AP file

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Don't worry so much it. AI is too much overhyped and simply won't meet all those big expectations everyone currently puts into. Although an interesting technology for a few and very limited applications, it is mathematically and intrinsically bound to fuzziness, hallucinatory effects and results only reliable within a relative small percentage or degree of certainty. So we won't see in practice or real life all those big issues like autonomous traffic everywhere or AI ruling the whole society and such. AI surely will exist further in a few limited niches, but that's it. It will soon disappear or massively shrink in all fields which it is just not capable of handling due to its intrinsic limitations.

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Technology 'experts' allowing ordinary people a say on new developments, yes, of course, like that is every likely.

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