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China's facial recognition roll out reaches into mobile phones, shops and homes

By Brenda Goh

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All that data is going to be leaked. There will be massive fraud using it.

OTOH, perhaps China will be able to stop the millions of hackers inside their border from attacking my servers? If that works, then I'd like to suggest rolling this out to a few other countries also heavily attacking internet servers.

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I'm starting to consider again just how much I really need a smart phone.

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Wrong face and you'll be sent to one of the reeducation camps

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George Orwell would be impressed...well, horrified actually

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Is the reason really about cracking down on fraud OR is CCP trying to clamp down on people making factual comments online using another name.

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George Orwell would be impressed...well, horrified actually

I've listened to the Audio of the Novel on Youtube. And honestly, the world we live in is in someways more dystopian than the novel.

But China just brings it to a whole new level.

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My name is Xi Jinping. My face is my password.

1984 was required reading in high school for most students in the USA. Do Chinese students have to read a similar book warning about govt overreach?

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